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Read This: 2013 NFL Fantasy Football Advice Update

I now only draft fantasy football teams upon special request. My time is limited and I really don't make money drafting fantasy football teams as a personal fantasy football consultant. Season-long fantasy football is drawn out and risky. I prefer weekly fantasy football games at Draftstreet.

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"It is impossible to work with a more knowledgeable and trustworthy person than Kris. I've worked with him for two seasons now, and both times Kris has dependably drafted me absolute monsters. He is quick to respond to emails, happy to discuss his drafting strategy and is understandably discrete. On top of all that, his rates are quite reasonable. If you are finding you are low on time but still want to humiliate your friends, hire him immediately."

"Kris was absolutely incredible. The team he helped me draft turned out to be a fantasy "dream team." I could have studied for weeks and would not have ended up with this outcome! Needless to say, my fellow league members are shocked by my team this year. Also, Kris' fee is reasonable and he was extremely attentive to me prior to and during the draft. Thanks Kris!"

"Kris came through and set me up with an awesome lineup even though I asked him for help on very very short notice. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about fantasy football, trust me, having Kris provide a second eye on your team setup will help you make it even more solid. The guy provides in depth rationale for his picks, and knows his stuff when it comes to football. You won't regret it."

"Really... the team just looks stacked with talent and possible studs, not to mention the best kicker of last year :o) haha."

2012 Fantasy Football Updates: You can email me here. Follow me on Twitter @ffconsultant *just added this 9/21/12* for commentary, advice, or to ask me specific questions (ie Ahmad Bradshaw vs. Marhshawn Lynch). I'm also on Facebook. If you're interested in getting personal help with your fantasy football team, email me and I can offer a plan for my services to get you pointed in the right direction.

Fantasy Football King

Do you need advice on who to draft in fantasy football? Do you want a fantasy football expert to draft your fantasy team for you? Hire me. I have played fantasy football since 2000 and spend over 40 hours each season preparing for fantasy football drafts so I can win big money.

"Be The Talk of Your League"

If you would like to hire me as your personal fantasy football consultant, send me an email at the link below. We can talk about what you need to do to draft a successful fantasy football team. Not all fantasy football advice is created equal. You can get free bits on information and tips on forums, but you won't find 1 on 1 personal instruction and information on how to beat your family and friends or a bunch of strangers except on a premium service.

Personalized Fantasy Football Help

The reality is you're not going to find another service like me on the Internet. A lot of people - from fantasy football experts to wives in their first fantasy football league - are hiring me to draft their team for them. I actually go into the draft room of your league and draft your team for you.

Why would a fantasy football expert hire me? A lot of people hire me because they can't make their draft for some reason or another and they want peace of mind knowing someone is drafting a championship caliber team for them. I would do the same thing if I were in their shoes.

FAQs Before You Hire Me as Your Fantasy Consultant

Do you customize according to my league settings? You bet your a$$ I do. The biggest mistake I see in fantasy football drafts is people don't draft based on their point settings and number of position roster spots. I always scrutinize the league rules and settings and input them into my excel spreadsheet to adjust the player values.

Are you the one drafting my team? Yes, I and I alone draft my clients' teams. This is why I have to turn down people sometimes. I only have so many time slots available. I work on a first come, first serve basis.

Does anybody have to know I hired you? Nope. My hard policy is I keep my mouth shut during and after your draft. This means I don't trash talk or even say hi to anyone else. Nobody has to know except you and I. I don't care if you get all of the credit. In fact, my job is to make sure you get all of the credit.

Contact Fantasy Football King

How can I contact you? If you need to get a hold of me ASAP, send me a message both to my Facebook page and to my email.

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