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We offer fantasy football drafting (we'll actually login and hand pick your team during the live draft), pre-draft and in-season fantasy football consultation, weekly and season-long team management, and custom project research.

We can help with keeper, dynasty, auction, and most draft formats.

How We Change Your Life

  1. Save Hours of Time. You know fantasy football can take up hours and hours of time every week for 16 weeks not even counting the playoffs. Think Parkinson's Law (work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion). When you outsource to us, it takes up our time, not yours.

  2. No More Hard Decisions. You agonize so much over the yes/no decisions. Should you draft X? Should you start Y? And then you hate yourself if you make the wrong decision. Outsource to us and you can get peace of mind knowing the hard calls are in the hand of an expert who does this professionally.

  3. Sleep Easy. It's a lot easier to lay down at night knowing a fantasy football expert (with a decade+ of experience) is working hard for you.

Some Things You Should Know About Us

We are obsessive and we don't just take this seriously, we take it personally. Our reputation is on the line each time someone hires us and we want to win every time. Winning is everything in fantasy football - we're very aware of that. So no matter what happens (1st pick breaks his leg, etc.), we know our clients expect us to win. We do our very best to make this happen through researching, grinding, making timely moves, and leveraging the information at hand to make our moves have a better percentage chance of being correct. Trust the process.

We now offer fantasy basketball and fantasy hockey consulting and management services for the 2017-2018 NBA and NHL seasons. Rates vary from football. Send us an email to get a custom quote.


  1. $79 per standard live draft*
  2. $59 per hour for consultation and research projects (Read our consultation guarantee)
  3. $31 per week team management
  4. $599 for draft and full season team management (Read our season-long guarantee)

*Price is for standard redraft drafts like Yahoo/ESPN 15 round traditional redraft leagues. Longer or more complex drafts (auction, dynasty, keeper, etc.) will be more.

**Services subject to availability.

Click here to sign up or ask about a service.

How It Works

  1. Sign up and send us information about your request
  2. Pay for your service when you're ready
  3. We'll contact you ASAP (no later than 24 hours after submission, usually much sooner)

You must pay first before anything gets done. We are paid upon receipt of payment. If you do not pay, you're not scheduled for any work. If you pay later, myself, Chris, or Patrick may no longer be available so if you want to hire us, pay ASAP and get booked.

The 2017 NFL season is here and time slots are being locked.

Click here to read important FAQ.

Who is Managing My Team/Draft?

Patrick Murphy (pictured to the left) and Chris Sponzo are the experts who will be optimizing your team for maximum performance.

Kris is the owner/operator of and Patrick is the fantasy football expert brought on to help meet the demand and continue to build and maintain winning teams for clients.

About Patrick: Patrick has played competitive fantasy football for 11 years in every major season long format there is. In 2015, he made the playoffs with 1st or 2nd seed in 8 of 9 leagues, netting 5 finals appearances and 3 league championships.

Patrick is a fantasy football addict who combines his experience as well as insights from fantasy experts across the web to push past the competition. Patrick also participates in dozens of draft simulations throughout the preseason to make sure he knows the fantasy player market for every draft.

Patrick has access to the good stuff - advanced stats, apps, projections, tools, and insider analysis from the brightest fantasy minds - that you can only get with paid subscriptions.

Chris Sponzo's bio is coming soon.

What to Expect

We try to slant the numbers in your favor by leveraging extensive research and prior experience.

There is no guarantee that you will win the championship or even make the playoffs.  By hiring us, your hope should be that we can increase your chances of success.

How we operate:

  1. We'll customize our draft plan for your team according to your league settings
  2. We'll be on time to your draft
  3. We'll have your waiver claims (if any) submitted before processing
  4. We'll have your lineup set before game time
  5. We'll treat your lineup with the personal attention it deserves
  6. We'll never let anyone know we're managing your team so you get all the credit

2015 Email Comments

fantasy advice reviews

Above is a collage of email comments from 2015 so you can get a sense of this site's pedigree.  You can see older comments/reviews down the page.

I had to redact names to protect my clients privacy but you get the idea.


NEW! Year-Round Services for 2017

The fantasy season does not end with the Super Bowl! Fantasy Football King now offers consulting for your Dynasty Leagues all year round! Hardcore fantasy football players love dynasty leagues as they require year-long preparation and dedication.

If you are prepping for a rookie draft or drafting in a brand new startup dynasty league, we will do our best to help you maximize the value of your draft picks. In addition to Dynasty Leagues, we can help you draft your early BEST BALL (draft only) leagues, including the popular MFL10 leagues. These leagues emphasize the importance of having an outstanding draft, as weekly lineups are not needed. In this format, the leagues put in your highest scoring players automatically. We are here to help you draft the best team possible at that particular part of the fantasy football year.


Questions & Answers


What will your strategy be?

We draft based on your league's settings vs. talent available with consideration towards risk.


Am I set after the draft?

NO. Working the waiver wires on a weekly basis is KEY to success. Also, start-sit optimization is very important.


What does managing my team mean?

We'll decide which free agents you should target and submit waiver claims for those players before the deadline. We'll also make sure your lineup is set before all Thursday night, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Night Football games.


Are you available for analysis/research projects?

Yes! Last season I was approached for three different research projects and I really enjoyed working on them. DFS is ok too.


Why don't you offer daily fantasy picks?

I've tried it and there's too much friction from multiple directions: beating rake + my fee, last minute injuries, people get discouraged if they don't win right away, etc.


Do I have to pay first?

Yes. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt - and most times they don't disappoint - but last year I had two different people decide not to pay after I put in the work ahead of time.


Why do you charge $79 to draft?

We're worth it. It takes a lot of time to get to our level of expertise and we're giving you all of that wisdom, experience, and research in one shot when we draft for you. That's a huge advantage and time saver.


Your rates are higher than the other services, why?

We charge more because we're worth it. We bring a lot in terms of research, experience, and expertise and we save you time in managing your team.


You drafted but my team only got a B- draft grade, what gives?

Draft analysis is fun to look at but you can't put too much weight into it - even if you get an A+. It's always nice to start with a high rating but the keys to reaching and advancing in the playoffs are #1 a solid roster, #2 injury luck, and #3 meticulous management throughout the season.


Am I guaranteed a championship?

Absolutely not. We're going to make the playoffs at a very high clip but championships are difficult to come by, even for us. What we try to do is take your chance of winning the championship from say 8.33% to 25% or more. Obviously, the advantage we give you is relative to the level of competition in your league but very few are as dedicated as we are.


Is this service a magic bullet?

No. We spend a lot of time calculating the best moves possible for your team (whether it's draft picks, waiver pickups, or starting lineups) but even our best laid plans can end in a loss. Moreover, if you hire us to help with a difficult position (let's say you have a bad team), we can only work with what we're given.


When is the best time to hire you for weekly team management?

Before your waivers are processed! If you hire us to manage your team after waivers go through, you won't get the full benefit of the management.


Do you make trades?

Occasionally, yes, if there's a reason to make one (ie there's a hole in your roster and a surplus of another position on your bench), but we don't make trades just to make trades. Trades are typically very difficult to make since both sides want to win and neither side wants to give up top talent. Also, trades are inherently risky because fantasy football is so hard to predict (injuries, randomness, etc.).


What's the difference between the season package vs. hiring separately?

The season long package costs a little more but it comes with our 100% money back guarantee. A la carte services don't come with a guarantee. When we're 100% in charge, we put our money where our mouth is.


Do things ever go wrong?

Yes! Sometimes we're flat wrong. Bad draft picks, bad waiver pickups, bad start/sits --- it happens to us too! Fantasy football is a wacky and many times random game which is why it's fun to play and impossible to know what will happen for sure.


I'm an impatient micro manager, should I hire you?

No. Do not hire us if you're going to get mad if you don't barnstorm your league out of the gates or if you're going to criticize our every decision. Most of the time our teams are extremely competitive but sometimes they're not - you have to be willing to live with this. Patrick, Mark, and I put in a lot of work but what happens during the games is out of our control.


How can I contact you?

Sign up using our form. You can also email

That's all for now. Click here to shop Kris's favorite product picks the fantasy football season.

*** Read This ***

Any information after the line below is out of date and possibly inaccurate for the 2017 season.

You can stop reading here.


Realistic Expectations

Before hiring me, please remember:

  • Start/sit decisions are binary in that you're either right or your wrong. You hire me in hopes that I can beat your 50% shot of getting these right but you know I'm wrong too.
  • I can only work with what's available. If you have a bad team and the waiver talent is shallow, my options to improve your team are limited.
  • Trades are difficult. Most team owners only want to get talent but don't want to give it up.

proxy service fantasy football draft

How I Can Help You?

You're here for 1 of 2 reasons: 1) You're tired of losing and want to win or 2) Your wife is making you go to a wedding. For some reason everyone has their wedding on your draft day. I know, I know, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do about that.

What I do is give you peace of mind knowing someone with experience and expertise is taking over your team. I will show up at your draft, on time, and pick your team as if I was drafting my own. That's what you pay me good money for and it's a responsibility I take seriously.

I study for dozens of hours in the preseason (news, projections, player movement, etc.) so I can be prepared for all drafts. What I do is create a cheatsheet and customize it based on your league's point settings and then go over it before your draft.

My clients also like my draft write-ups after the draft where I explain why I made the picks I did and how I see the team. I write these after the draft as long as I'm not completely swamped (which I am this year).

I am the one who shows up for your draft - I don't outsource this work! When you hire me, you get me, not someone I hired.

I have a master calendar where everyone who pays gets a time slot.

hire expert fantasy football

Do I ever screw up?

Yes! In 2014, I drafted Jamaal Charles in a full PPR league over Peyton Manning. The person who hired me really wanted Peyton Manning too but I told her Charles was the better pick. Disaster. Charles got injured and played on-off for the rest of the season and Peyton had another great year. Fantasy football is loaded with risks. Sometimes things don't pan out.

This type of stuff happens in FF. I always tell people that ask that I try to put them in the most advantageous position possible going into the season but everything can get thrown out the window as soon as week 1 starts. It's the nature of the beast.

I can't guarantee you'll win the championship but I can increase your chances of winning.

If you have a question for me, you can email me.

If you'd like to hire me, you can click here to fill out the request form.

Just so you know, I get a TON of requests and last year I had to turn people down so send your request in early if you know you want to hire me.

Besides drafting services, I also consult with team owners and discuss strategy. It's all about your team with my FF consultation. This is $70/hour and scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Consultation is limited to my availability.

team management services

Frequently Asked Questions

What about auction drafts?

I'm not an expert on auctions yet (need more experience) but I'm getting there. So yes, I can do auctions but I don't have near the experience.

Are you available?

The popular draft times are getting filled up in a hurry. I've already turned down 7 people this year because of scheduling conflicts. I hate to do it but my hands are tied.

How can you draft my team while I'm at a live draft?

GoToMyPC has been my app of choice. This allows me to login to your computer remotely and draft for you while you prentend it's you.

Do you offer daily picks?

As of now, no. It's not something I feel comfortable doing especially when there are daily players way better than me and my earnings aren't even close to the leaderboard pros.

Do you offer in-season team management?

Yes, it's $35 per week. I have an as sistant Patrick who helps me with this. You can also hire me to take over your team for the rest of the year. See my prices page for more info.

Can you guarantee results?

Absolutely not. I try to draft the best team possible given the information I have but remember, in a 12 team league you mathematically only have an 8.3% chance of winning - I try to make that more like 20-25%. Also, Patrick and I do our best to research waivers and who to start but that doesn't mean we won't bench higher point players. It happens, especially with close calls.

You can *no longer* get a discount on my services for signing up through my affiliate link to daily fantasy games and depositing in your DraftKings account (it's your money to play in real cash games with).

2015 Draft Information

I have a limited amount of draft spots available. I can only calendar so many drafts so make sure to schedule your draft date and time and make payment.

As seen on Fox Business.

I make money as a fantasy football consultant and offer my services because I enjoy drafting teams and helping out other people who are either beginners or can't make their league draft for whatever reason.

I need someone to draft my team for me is the most common reason people hire me. My rate is $79 per draft. If you are interested in something other than drafting, email me. I try to keep this cost as low as possible to remain affordable. What you have to remember is most drafts are at least 2 hours (just for the draft alone) and you don't want just anybody drafting your team.

live fantasy football advice
Video/text consultation availability on SKYPE.

If you want someone to completely draft your team (as in you give me no preferences), I can do that. People have even hired me to remotely access their using GoToMyPC while they're at a live draft and everyone thinks they're picking the players.

Always include your time zone with the draft time.

The best way to contact me is by sending me a Tweet or an email. Click the Twitter or email icons above to message me.

You can also text me. Hover over the phone icon and you will see my phone number where your URL preview shows up on your browser. For FireFox, this is the lower left corner.


Received this text after week 3

(2014, used with permission from an email)

Kris, very happy with the team. I also really appreciate your write-up.

I have another draft in a couple weeks, I may reach out to you again.

(2014, testimonial from client with 3 redraft drafts and a keeper strategy blueprint)

I NEVER write reviews for anything, but I feel like I owe this guy something more than what I have paid him. I am a very busy man that cannot do all the research and studies needed before doing a draft. I started looking around google for "Fantasy football drafters for hire" and I just starting going down the list clicking on each person's website and reading what they had to say. About 6 pages later I came across Kris's site and got a good feeling.

I decided to email him and in a very good timely manner I got a reply. He has surpassed my expectations and continues to impress me with his professionalism. Just today he text me and gave me a heads up/update that one of my players in a league that he drafted for me had got arrested. Then he gave me some options to better the team. This is something he didn't have to do, it wasn't in our agreement, and he simply did it because he cares for his customers and likes to see them succeed.

I also explained to him that I would like to learn how to be better at fantasy football, in return he sends me an email after each draft explaining to me in detail what moves he made and why. I have already learned more in the last couple weeks with Kris than I had in the past 4 years trying to figure it out on my own. For anyone looking for someone who knows their crap and stays on top of all the news and player updates, as well as a good people's person to hire; I would HIGHLY recommend Kris.

I'll use him next year and all other years after if he still has time to provide this service.

(pre-2014 reviews/testimonials/quotes)

"Hey Kris. Thought you might like to know that I won my fantasy league this year! It was a tough slog with lots of injuries (Gronk, Reggie Wayne for example) but I got through it. Great drafting! I hope you'll be willing to help again next year. Thanks again!"

Continued (from reply)..."Lynch, Forte, D Thomas and Seattle D were all pretty solid throughout the season. Jordy Nelson was decent until Rodgers went down."

"It is impossible to work with a more knowledgeable and trustworthy person than Kris. I've worked with him for two seasons now, and both times Kris has dependably drafted me absolute monsters. He is quick to respond to emails, happy to discuss his drafting strategy and is understandably discrete. On top of all that, his rates are quite reasonable. If you are finding you are low on time but still want to humiliate your friends, hire him immediately."

"Kris was absolutely incredible. The team he helped me draft turned out to be a fantasy "dream team." I could have studied for weeks and would not have ended up with this outcome! Needless to say, my fellow league members are shocked by my team this year. Also, Kris' fee is reasonable and he was extremely attentive to me prior to and during the draft. Thanks Kris!"

"Kris came through and set me up with an awesome lineup even though I asked him for help on very very short notice. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about fantasy football, trust me, having Kris provide a second eye on your team setup will help you make it even more solid. The guy provides in depth rationale for his picks, and knows his stuff when it comes to football. You won't regret it."

"Really... the team just looks stacked with talent and possible studs, not to mention the best kicker of last year :o) haha."

fantasy football king

How Does It Work?

You contact me with your league draft date and time (make sure to include the time zone). Also, tell me what type (plain redraft, auction, dynasty, etc.) of league it is along with any other out of the ordinary details (20 teams, 20 rounds, etc.).

For most drafts, I'm going to charge $75. If there's a lot of customization (for example keeper leagues) or I feel like the draft is going to take longer than 2.5 hours, I have to charge more because it takes more time than other drafts.

First, I'll see if I'm available to draft for you. If not, sorry, I can't help you. It's only me drafting. If I can draft, I'll look at what's involved and email you back a price quote. Again, usually this is $85.

If you accept, I'll send you a Paypal invoice for payment. Nothing happens until I receive payment. I don't hold spots. If someone else with the same time slot pays before you, they will take the slot.

Once I've received payment, I'll ask that you send me the full details of your league including your login information. If you have a set que of players that you prefer, I'll ask you to send that as well.

After this, I will draft your fantasy football team for you.

How Do I Get a Discount?

If you sign up using my affiliate link (coming soon) and deposit at least $10 into your new account, I'll give you a $10 off your price. You must be a new player with a new account to get credit for this.

How is this a discount? The $10 in your account goes into your account and you can play in real cash fantasy games with it. No catch.

I get credit for a friend referral.

This is the only way to get a discount on my consulting or drafting services.


Why do people use this service?

Read my new post on the secret reasons why people hire me.

The most common reason is wives. A lot of guys get roped into doing something and they need someone to draft their team. All their buddies are already in the league and so they have to hire me.

Other times, beginners want somebody to draft their team for them so they can compete for the championship right away.

I also offer 1-on-1 consultation throughout the season for people that just want to bounce ideas of who to start or help with researching their team. This is particularly useful for weekly fantasy players who know what they're doing but want a second opinion on who to play.

Can you guarantee I'll win?

No. Fantasy football is a game of skill but even the most prepared only have an advantage. The size of that advantage depends on how prepared the other fantasy managers are.

Fantasy football is a numbers game. I try to use my experience combined with the data and expert opinions of sites like,,, and others to help you get an edge.

Do you offer any discounts on price?

The only discount is $10 off for those of you who sign up and deposit $10 through my affiliate link coming soon and who are new to DraftKings.

Other than that, I've negotiated myself to the lowest possible price I can put on my time. I have fun playing fantasy football so I can afford to charge less than I do for other work but I still need to be compensated for my efforts.

Do you customize according to my league settings?

Absolutely. The biggest mistake I see in fantasy football drafts is people don't draft based on their point settings and number of position roster spots. I always scrutinize the league rules and settings and input them into my excel spreadsheet to adjust the player values.

Are you the one drafting my team?

Yes, I and I alone draft my clients' teams. This is why I have to turn down people sometimes. I only have so many time slots available. I work on a first come, first serve basis.

Does anybody have to know I hired you?

Nope. My hard policy is I keep my mouth shut during and after your draft. This means I don't trash talk or even say hi to anyone else. Nobody has to know except you and I. I don't care if you get all of the credit. In fact, my job is to make sure you get all of the credit.

What other services do you offer?

I can help teach you fantasy football with 1-on-1 coaching. I will create customized cheat sheets for your fantasy league settings. I can devise a draft strategy with you. I can give you a second opinion on your weekly start-sits.

If you need help with your fantasy football team, email me and we can talk about it.

Why should I hire you?

I give your team a shot of 100 hours of intense 2014 fantasy football research every time you hire me.

I've already went through the mock drafts. I've already studied the average draft position. I paid for the memberships to see what the best fantasy minds are thinking. I've studied the latest injuries and news.

When it comes down to it, I'm time, experience, convenience, knowledge, and real personal advice in a box. And I do it at a discount just because I enjoy playing fantasy football. I get paid more to do other stuff but I have more fun helping you.

Also, this is not an automated service where I try to get you in and get you out ASAP. Every client of mind is dealt with personally by me. I don't have any assistants or junior apprentices. It's just me. I answer all the phone calls & texts, all the emails, etc.

Note: Below you will see some old text from my website. I have kept this because I don't want to drastically change my search rank. You don't need to read this.

Fantasy Football King

Do you need advice on who to draft in fantasy football? Do you want a fantasy football expert to draft your fantasy team for you? Hire me. I have played fantasy football since 2000 and spend over 40 hours each season preparing for fantasy football drafts so I can win big money.

If you would like to hire me as your personal fantasy football consultant, send me an email at the link below. We can talk about what you need to do to draft a successful fantasy football team. Not all fantasy football advice is created equal. You can get free bits on information and tips on forums, but you won't find 1 on 1 personal instruction and information on how to beat your family and friends or a bunch of strangers except on a premium service.

Personalized Fantasy Football Help

A lot of people - from fantasy football experts to wives in their first fantasy football league - are hiring me to draft their team for them. I actually go into the draft room of your league and draft your team for you.

Why would a fantasy football expert hire me? A lot of people hire me because they can't make their draft for some reason or another and they want peace of mind knowing someone is drafting a championship caliber team for them. I would do the same thing if I were in their shoes.

Hire Me as Your Fantasy Consultant

Contact Fantasy Football King

The best way to contact me is by sending an email. Click the Twitter or email icons above to message me.

You can also text me. Hover over the phone icon and you will see my phone number where your URL preview shows up on your browser. For FireFox, this is the lower left corner.



After you win your league championship, you can get a hand-made trophy from to celebrate your dominant run to champion. Don't leave an empty spot on your mantle.

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